Your Questions About Costume Stores In San Diego

Nancy asks…

Anyone have any ideas of where I can buy long purple satin gloves (formal looking ones)?

They’re for a jessica rabbit costume and i live in san diego CA so any store suggestions around here would be the most helpful! Thanks
thanks for the responses! and i actually i want to buy them in a store not online because id want them to come in on time and i dont want to pay ridiculous shipping 🙂 and claire’s didnt have them 🙁

admin answers:

Costume shops would be the best place to look. Be sure to call there first. I’m sure you’ll find some in San Diego, I know PB has a ton of costume shops. If you still can’t find them, try a bridal shop. They might carry them. Ask for Opera length gloves as that’s what she wears.

Linda asks…

how can i make a long black wig that covers my face? it should look punkish or emo (which im not)?

its for a costume, i cant find a long emo wig annywhere. so how could i make one? or can u give me a store i could go to in san diego that could have one. thanks.

admin answers:

In terms of time and money, your best bet is to buy a ready-made one because even if you piece crepe-hair together, it’ll take far longer and use more effort than just buying it. The cheapest wigs (there’s far pricier ones whose hair is affixed to the mesh and looks realistic like scalp) go for around $14.95 and you just hair-spray it into a fixed position. Some already come pre-cut and pre-styled so all you have to do is take it out of the package and fluff it out. I’ll include a link below to a store that does sell them, though it’s on the east coast.

Laura asks…

Easy cheap Halloween costume for outside?

I finallly have boobs to show off this year but no money for a costume. My boyfriend &i are attending a blacklight costume party that’s outside this weekend. I was looking for some quick, easy, cheap ideas that might also double for the bedroom as this party is on his birthday ;D
Anyways, i will be working allll this week so getting to the store will be kind of a challenge. This means i’m loking for something i might have in the closet already.
Ps: i’ll be dealing with San Diego weather that night.

admin answers:

I think you can do something like this 🙂

It is simple and not to time spending, and you can easily do it with what you already have at home 🙂

You can wear a little black dress (who doesn’t owe one ? 🙂 ), but if you don’t, borrow one from your friends 🙂

Wear it with a pair of fishnet tights like these ones:

You can try to turn a pencil into a cigarette 🙂

Wear shoes like these in black 🙂

Curl your hair the maximum you can 🙂

And put a flower in it, something like this:

I think it will be a nice costume, and your boyfriend will enjoy it in the room too 🙂

Good luck,
Ade 🙂

Lisa asks…

What is the best fabric to cosplay Colette, from Tales of Symphonia? Or any other costumes like CCS as well??

I plan to cosplay Colette from TOS for Anime expo 2008 in LA. This is my first cosplay, and after picking through all the details, I think I’m pretty ready to try this out. I just would like some suggestions as to which fabric store you recommend that is in the San Diego area. Also, I would prefer this place to have buttons and other accesories as well, but just a good fabric store in the area is fine. Thanks so much!!

admin answers:

You might get a better response if you just ask for a fabric shop in San Diego.

I am sure that there are many shops, but as I live on a different continent, I can not point one out to you.
Go to one of the search engines and enter ‘fabric store San Diego buttons’ and if you do not get what you look for, enter a zip code, leave out the buttons and so on.

Take a good picture of the person you want to play and ask in the shop to help you find the best fabric and pattern.

Carol asks…

Are these good drama schools and what are my chances of being admitted?

I’m applying to college next year as a theatre major. Yes I know it’s risky, but a BA gives you exposure to many aspects of theatre (costume etc) and I know that all I want to do is to work with theatre/acting whether it’s performing full time or being a teacher or assistant on a set. I would prefer to go to college in the Los Angeles area or San Diego, but I’m also considering the east coast. How are the theatre departments on these schools:
Loyola Marymount
Occidental college
California Lutheran
U of San Diego
San Diego state university
UC Irvine
Boston U
Regent University

I know that the list is long, but if you could mention the best ones it would be good. Also my GPA is 5.4 out of 6. I haven’t taken the ACT or SAT yet. I have a lot of extra curriculars (soccer, orienteering, tennis, school newspaper, school council). I’ve had a part time job at a clothes store for 2 years. I’ve been taking acting classes since I was 11 at several performing arts institutes and now I’m taking classes and performing at a theatre centre in the capital which is one of the most famous ones in the country. I’ve been to an acting camp in Los angeles, been an extra in a couple of Tv shows and films and had a part in a short film we made at acting camp which gave me an IMDB credit. This summer I’m going to drama school at Cambridge University. Also I’m half american and half norwegian, born in Sweden and have lived in Norway for 6 years. Even though I’ve lived in Europe my entire life I’m an american citizen so I don’t qualify as an international student.

admin answers:

It sounds like you have done everything possible to further your training, which is fantastic. If you want the absolute best theatrical training, it has to be NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. If a casting director sees that degree on your resume, they will know straightaway that you know what you’re doing, which helps you stand out in the best way. The number of famous people who’ve gone there is almost embarrassing:

Yale’s drama dept. Is also top-notch, and of course, the legendary Julliard.
All of these are on the east coast, of course, but well worth whatever inconvenience that may cause. I went to UCLA, which is strong in pretty much every dept., as is USC, and Occidental is good – in fact the only ones I’d take off the list are Cal Lutheran, FSU and Regent.

Audition for/apply to as many as practical, and I bet you’ll be very happy with the results.

Good luck!!

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