Sexy Prom Dresses 2012

Donald asks…

Guys: what dress do you find sexy?



3 –

admin answers:

Idk. Whichever one shows the most skin I suppose.

Thomas asks…

Dress help freshman? is it okay???(:?

I’m in love with this dress but I’m a freshman and not aloud to go to prom unless I get a senior date so I wanted to ware this to formal… I know its long and that’s a no for winter formal. And I know ecspecially for a freshman but it has everything I want. A corset. A bow its very mature but has pops of Trish(: I’m in love with it… please tell me what u think

admin answers:

Oh that is so pretty! What i would do if you really want it, is jjust get it hemmed somewhere, its pretty cheap to do and you can just do it right around where your knees are. 🙂 good luck!

Betty asks…

Is this dress wayy too reavling for promm???????

Well i already bought it in red and i recieved it in the mail and i love how it looks on me i know its extreamly provacitive but i think its classy and sexy. But my mom thinks it too much for prom Its too late to get a new dress but i dont want to look like an idiot i like it thou but anyways whats your opinion???
10 points best anwser.

admin answers:

I personally think that the top part (neckline) is very low, and well… Revealing…
However, it is your personal decision, and nobody can tell you otherwise ^_^”

Paul asks…

How should I wear my hair with this dress?
I have purchased the black one of this,what should I have my hair like? I have long thick wavy bright red hair now, i am quite tanned also, i am wearing this dress for prom, any ideas please<3

admin answers:

That is the exact same prom dress I was going to get but in pink! Haha, I think you should have it curled up into one of those messy buns, can’t explain it but taylor swift is famous for this hairstyle. Heres some pics to help you!:)

I like this one too…


If none of these are working for you then just google it, tons of hairstyles wil come up.
Hope I helped:) x

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