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Sandy asks…

anyone know a site where I can find Cansei de Ser Sexy lyrics?

admin answers:



Donna asks…

to choose sexy/romantic lyrics or a good beat when picking songs to play while having sex?

Im sick of the silent (besides me) sex with my boyfriend so i would like to make a sexy playlist. Slow songs would seem like the obvious answer but slow romantic sex doesn’t do anything for me and i imagine the beat will set our rhythm. Any great sex songs you know of? Should i go for lyrics or beat? The only song i can think of that has both is what’s your fantasy by ludicrous

admin answers:

Butterfly by jack johnson
(lyrics and beat 🙂

Ken asks…

Song that repeats the lyrics Sexy Body?

Ok I hear it in a lot of movies and tv shows but I can‘t remember a specific one otherwise I would of just looked up the sound track. The song is very slow and keeps repeating “Sexy Booody” the ‘body’ part is really dragged out. Its really cool sounding kind techno but slower and i‘m pretty sure its a female singer. In the movies it often accompanies a woman working in slow motion. PLEASE HELP i‘m going insane!

admin answers:

Are you sure it says ‘sexy body’? Could it be saying ‘sexy boy’?
There is a song called ‘sexy boy’ that fits your description, and it is often used in TV programmes etc. It is sung by a french group called ‘Air’, they are male but they can sound female.
That’s all I can think of.

Joseph asks…

can you add some lyrics to this song?

wanted to sing a song about me burning for desire.
like fire and sexy lyrics

here an example of what i want

heres the chorus
”burning like fire,
anxious of your desire to be with me
the heat is getting higher
and im burning for your desire……”

…..i want the song to deal with fire and sexy lyrics as above.

i will credit the lyrics to you-something dealing with wanting a person and dealing with heat and stuff

thank you so much

admin answers:

“you’re like seductress from hell to whom i aspire, i wanna pull your clothes down take off all your attire, its the passion you exudes make respire , you’re hotter than summer rain. You drive me insane , make me want to do stunts like david blaine. ” that should get you started

btw if the song gets famous and used some of those lyric give a shout out to your boy psycho the sage

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