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Laura asksā€¦

Anyone else think ZJ from youtube is kind of sexy?

It seems like all the other gay boys I know disagree with me when I say this guy is incredibly hot. šŸ™ Yes, this is a guy, I had a hard time telling too but he called himself a guy on his youtube. Androgyny is awesome anyway. He’s really cute, has great style and is clearly very intelligent. Any other gay boys want this guy?

admin answers:

Ok. I am having a really hard time trying to figure out if this is even a guy. I don’t get gay men that are attracted to men that look and dress like women. I mean if you like women, why not just be straight?

Sandra asksā€¦

Why is the video to sexy and I know it blocked on youtube?

I watched it and it wasnt even that inappropritate, I actually liked it.

admin answers:

I think some people just send in something saying it’s inappropriate and they block it or something. I’m not sure.

Betty asksā€¦

“sexy food” video on youtube?

There was a short video on youtube that had this lady with red lipstick (you could only see her mouth) eating a banana, a hot dog, snowballs (you know those pink coconut things), frosting, etc. and I think it was like, a clip that was a teaser for some short movie or something. I don’t remember what it was called, anyone know if it still exists on youtube or somewhere?

admin answers:

There are 3 different things you can do to try and find a
video that you have previously seen. Not only that, you
can make your results appear either: 1) in alphabetical
order, 2) in chronological order or 3) in photo thumbnail

ALPHABETICALLY (tons of results):
highlight the URL address bar on top, then simply type
in the word “youtube”. From those results, you will see:
— every YouTube address you typed
— every YouTube channel you visited
— every YouTube video you watched
but it will be ugly YouTube code like “v=Ab1Cd2eF3Gh”.

CHRONOLOGICALLY (many results):
simply click on your internet browser’s “History” button
or tap “CTRL” and the letter “H” on your keyboard, and
you will get a daily list of every website which you have
visited. Every YouTube video will be mixed in with all of
the different websites, but it’ll actually be easier for you
to find what you’re looking for — because everything will
be displayed in “plain” English. And because each and
every YouTube video is in fact its own website, you will
also be able to see the full title of each video.

PHOTO THUMBNAIL (few results):
at the top right of just about every YouTube page is the
name “QuickList”. Click on that, and then after you are
on the new page, click on “History” immediately below
the highlighted grey bar. You will see thumbnails of the
most recent videos you have viewed, but only the most
recent. That is because every time that you open / exit
YouTube, everything vanishes, and starts all over again.

Believe it or not, you can see your YouTube “QuickList”
and “viewing history” from right here within Yahoo. Just
click on my links below, and they’ll take you directly to
“YOUR VERY OWN” histories. (YouTube may first ask
you to ‘sign in’ with your username and your password):

I hope that my multiple answer is a little helpful for you.

Sharon asksā€¦

Name at least 5 sexy songs for dance choreography?

I recently just started going back to dance class and I felt GREAT. I want to eventually make my own dance routine and post it on youtube. Can anyone name sexy, pussycat dolls-type of songs? For example, Sean Paul “Got to love you,” LSG “My body” remix “Lloyd “Be the One.” You know, songs like that. Thanks.
More on the r&b, pop or really slow rap

admin answers:

If possible, I’ll put up a video of people dancing to the song.

Usher – Bad Girl

Esco Williams – Dreamin

Ne Yo – She got her own

Usher – Pro Lover

Sterling Simms – Nasty Girl

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