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William asks…

Does anyone know any good dance exercises on youtube(preferbly sexy)?

A little while back I saw a dance DVD made just for all those sexy exercises you do in clubs and stuff. I want to know if there’s something on made for so I can learn how to booty dance, belly dance, and things like what chicks do in rap videos. I am doing this stuff in a private setting and I have no intentions of showing anyone. Therefore I just want to have fun. Make sure it isn’t IMPOSSIBLE but don’t worry about if it‘s a little difficult.
Okay it‘ll help make the best answer if someone can give me someone specific that I can subscribe to.
I want this for exercise purposes not to draw attention. I don’t go clubbing at all.
I don’t know if that’s being sarcastic…

admin answers:

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David asks…

what is the song in video “Robert Pattinson’s sweet hot and sexy backside” on Youtube?

I really really want to know. I like it very much

admin answers:

Ooooooh my goodness that is probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard to come out of the “Vampire fad rubbish”….
I wish I could be like Edward Cullen? What the freak?

In called the Edward Cullen song.

George asks…

What would you think if your boyfriend told you were perfect for him, yet he looks up sexy girls on youtube?

ok, i was at home with my boyfriend and he was on youtube using his account..i asked him if i could use the computer, i decided to check out his favorite videos, all of a sudden my heart dropped from my chest when i saw like 40 (just guessing) videos of girls shaking their ass and wearing piratically nothing.. just made me wonder why does he have it.. what does he get out of it.. do guys have to have every type of girl even only in their dreams..i don’t even want to know what he does at work… what should i do… should i just ignore it? talk to him about it? should i do the get even?? you tell me your honest opinion asap!! thank you.

admin answers:

Men are animals and are very turned on by sight, we are never sensuous and loving like girls are even when we mean to be . I wouldn’t worry about his looking at the videos , I would only worry if he quits watching the videos and starts looking at live women . I don’t mean you should totally ignore it , you should tell him you don’t really approve . Just remember what my wife has told me for 46 years now : it don’t matter where he gets his appetite, as long as he comes home for supper.

Helen asks…

Horrible idea to upload a sexy homemade video on youtube?

Is there a way for me to upload this SEXy homemade vid on youtube without the world to see?
I know you can set it to private and invite, but Im afraid Im gonna end up like Paris hilton or Kim k… just how secure is it to upload it to youtube? do I still need to follow guideline if the vid is set to private?

Only if I could sent movie maker videos via E-mail.. does anyone know how? I have yahoo and it does not recgonize the file type of movie make somehow.

admin answers:

Everyone overeacts about ending up as some famous porn star and that’s not going to happen by one little video in which no one knows who the hell you are. Paris and kim actually had connections to famous ppl and thats why their tapes became so popular. As for uploading it to youtube, they wont let you. It may be up for and hour or so but will be soon deleted by the site. You could try or but again i dont know how long they’ll keep your video up.

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