Sexy And I Know It Song

Carol asks…

Any sexy song to dance for my bf?

I want to give a really sexy dance to my boyfriend I had done it already like 2 and a half years ago but the song was fast now I want to dance a slow song. Any advices of songs? Also I wanted to know if guys think that is sexy when a girl puts chocolate or anthing similar in all her body so that the guy could lick it. If you want to put anything good that you think my bf will like you are welcome!

admin answers:

Take you down by chris brown
nobody by keith sweat.

I think they are both veryyyy sexy songs!

Thomas asks…

What are some good sexy songs? Songs to strip too, more on the rock side, not hip hop, and more downbeat slow?

Songs like hole it the earth deftones renholder remix, or crazy by kidney thieves, also pony by far, and lollipop by framing hansley. I want good slow hard bass sexy guitar songs. If anyone knows any songs that sound like the beggining of a new day by kate havnevik let me know!

admin answers:

“So Alive” – Love & Rockets

Jenny asks…

Sexy Sexy Sexy Song Help?

I need help finding a song that has a guy and a girl singing “sexy sexy sexy, baby you are sexy“. it‘s an upbeat song. anyone knows?

admin answers:

Im trying find that song too

Daniel asks…

whats the name of a R&B song out now i THINK called “frequency”? High pitched sexy song by a male R&B singer?

It thought the song was called frequency by either ne-yo or chris brown it almost sounded like michael jackson a little as far as the falsetto the singer sung and it was a very sexy song but I dont know the artist or the title of the song. Anybody know???

admin answers:

Maybe Mario’s “Music For Love”.

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