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Michael asks…

Flash MP3 Player For Websites?

I‘m trying to put a Flash MP3 Player on my page on Tagged but it‘s too confusing and everytime i try ot do it I mess up. If anybody can do it for me that can be greatly appreciated! Here are my songs:

1. Chris Brown- Say Goodbye
2. Yung Joc- I Know U C It
3. Yung Joc- Patron
4. Yung Joc- Do Ya Bad
5. T.I.- Why You Wanna
6. Three Six Mafia- Pussy Got You Hooked
7. One Chance- Look At Her
8. Ne-Yo- Sexy Love
9. Lil Kim- Big Momma Thang
10. LaToya- Torn
11. Chingy- Pulling Me Back
12. Boys 2 Men- On Bended Knee
13. D4L- Bobblehead
14. Shawnna- Candy Coated
15. Gucci Mane- Trap House

admin answers:


you can download an open source customisable player there are like 100 on tehre to choose from take your pick and enjoy

Linda asks…

I am not impressed with the iPod Touch.. what will they come out with in 2009?

I have saved up $500 to get myself a nice mp3/iPod but the iPod Touch isn’t what I should spend all my money on… (although it is so freakin’ sexy)

Does anyone know any good mp3 players or new iPod that will be coming out in the year 2009?

I usually compare iPod touch with Archos 504 or 604, why spend so much money on the iPod Touch that goes up to 30 GB when you can get a Archos that can go as much as 180 GB? with WiFi? I hate the size of Archos!

I really want a music system that is worth spending money for!

If you have a iPod touch and have been using it from past 1 month, let me know if it was worth it?

admin answers:

Gawd, I am in LOVE with my iPod Touch!!! I wish that I had been smarter (less cheap) and bought the 32GB model instead. I’m not interested in keeping my entire CD and DVD collection on it so technically the 16GB works just fine for me. I just have to manage my podcasts a little more carefully.

I’ve had the Touch since late April of this year. I took it with me to Germany and was able to watch movies on the plane. When I got to Germany I was able to connect to their wireless network to access the internet and my mail. Next month I have a cross country flight and plan to load it up with more movies, etc. It’s slim, the interface is great, and the latest software update allows you to download games and applications. I reallycan’t say enough about this device.

I got my Touch at Costco, so I saved about $20 over buying it at the Apple store.

Joseph asks…

Ray J “Sexy, Can I?”?

Does anyone have the mp3 of this song, that they can send me through an email? Just let me know if you do, and I‘ll send you my email address.

10 points and a thumbs-up. 🙂

P.S. Don’t tell me to use limewire, because it‘s given me so many problems.

admin answers:

I can

Ruth asks…

Should I get an iPod? I’ve used Sansa MP3 players for the last 3 years.?

Okay I know the iPod is sexier than Sansa but I‘m really concerned about having the freedom to freely copy my music from my PC(iTunes) to my the iPod and also to be able to move music off the iPod to my PC.

My Sansa uses Windows Explorer I‘m not forced into using iTunes and I can freely copy my music in both directions. It‘s my understanding that it is difficult to move music from the iPod to iTunes.

Is this true and why would I want to use a device that limits my freedom to move my music??

admin answers:

Well i think you have this figured out.. I have had both types of players. It is true the iPod is restrictive and Sansa is easy to move files around. That is very important to me so i choose the sansa.

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