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Chris asks…

Guys think im hot, but i dont have a boyfriend?

Guys think im hot, but i dont have a boyfriend?
this may sound very very conceited but please trust me, i am not concieted. i actually have a kind of low self esteem.

anyways. im a sophomore in high school and almost every day i hear about a guy that likes me or thinks i am very hot lol. yesterday my friend told me that the senior quarterback thinks im the “sexiest chick ever”. but honestly i dont think i am that pretty and usually i just brush off complements like that, i dont know why. anyways its confusing because i havent had a boyfriend in over a year and a half probly. i dont know. it botheres me. is this common? please, please help =/

and everyone also says im like the nicest person they know and i get good grades.

admin answers:

Actually this is very common! You’re a sophomore in high school and those relationships don’t really last. By the time you get to college, you’ll probably have boys asking you out and crawling all over you. But right now, I think that guys really like you but they don’t have a backbone to ask you out so why don’t you ask a guy out yourself? I mean like ask them if they could help you with something or if they want to go to the movies with you and your friends. It’s not that hard 🙂

William asks…

why do people make fun of people for their taste in music?

Who cares if i like pop music. My friend likes Justin Bieber and i accepted that because its HER taste not mine. And i didn’t like Justin Bieber at first but then i listened to his song ”Boyfriend” and i liked it.
I like-

And it isn’t because everyone else likes them. I was in the car and heard a LMFAO song play on the radio and i really liked it because it was catchy. Now i love LMFAO. Especially Sexy and i know it, Party rock anthem, Champagne showers. I like all there songs and my friends respect that i like them and they dont make fun of me. I hated Skrillex at first to but now i love him. Why is it anyone else problem what i like in music? Im 14 years old and just not into them older bands, sorry if you cant accept that but no need to make fun of me for my taste in music. My dad is in his 40s and he even likes 1 katy perry song called Last Friday Night.

Why make fun of people?
even my mum who is 43 likes some new generation music, she likes LMFAO to. who cares?

admin answers:

I don’t make fun of anyone. I also understand the fact that taste is directly proportional to natural talent and musical knowledge..

Maria asks…

how to see a naked man in public?

im myles, bi, 18…..ok im tiered of pori want to see it foreal, how can i see a naked man in public, like fully naked, i want to see hairy chest, and his nice cock and balls!! but easily without them really really noticing, ya know? but it wouldnt be to bad for one of them to see me lookin at his dick and say come here and suck it bitch! that would be great.. anyways so if anyone knows any ideas on how to see some nice men naked, plz plz let me know..

gay bars are out of the question! im not going to a gay bar..

i just want to put out there,
hit me up if you want to trade sexy pics, videos, and talk dirty!;)
plz be a little old, i like em old

admin answers:

Are there no trailer parks where you live?

Michael asks…

I want to kiss her in a way that leaves her gasping for more…?

Hi dudes, yes I‘m a girl lol
But about 6 months ago I kissed this girl I really liked, a LOT! We were best friends at the time, not so much so now. Because I fell in love with her, friendship went BOOM, you’ve prob heard all this before lol. Anyway we’ve recently been getting in touch again. I‘ve changed a LOT and I look 100% more sexier than I used to, and I‘m even about to modeling for a magazine! I‘ve changed a lot. She’s had so much more experiance when it comes to kissing (and other things) but I think that if we were both really drunk, that I‘d stand another chance, and I want some tips that will leave her thinking about the kiss for days after, like her kiss did with me. I‘m prob not an amazing kisser, but I‘ve picked up some tips and want to know if anyone has any more? I‘ve heard to keep is short, leaves them wanting more, maybe gently touching her cheek, chin or neck with my index finger as well… I also have a tongue bar now, and so does she… so any tips? Would be AMAZINGLY appreciated!

admin answers:


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