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Michael asks…

Where can I buy Big Sexy Hair products in the UK?

Which salon carries the Big Sexy Hair product line? The products come in red tins. More specifically, I’m looking to buy it near Watford or Northwood. Thanks!

admin answers:

I guess online, there is a market by me that sells what you looking for, but i live about 400 miles from watford. Try a costume shop, fancy dress shop.

Lizzie asks…

How did fasion differ in England and France in the 1880s?

what did people wear in france that was different to what people wore in england?

admin answers:

At that time French fashion was the rage for the well off classes in England . Seamstresses made garments for English women from French fashion plates, and dress shops ordered stock from France.Tailors catered for English gentlemen in similar ways.
In the UK only Wales and Scotland had a distinct “national” costume. In the English countryside and the provinces, only the upper classes followed fashion trends, and the poorer classes wore serviceable garments in dark colours that kept them warm, or cast offs from richer people.They had a set of clothes for the week and only wore their “sunday best” for going to church and special occasions. In France the poorer people did similar things but wore local costumes and these vary from region to region. The costumes and head dresses were very varied and could be different even for towns that were quite close in distance. For instance the women in Boulogne wore a head dress in the shape of a sun , whilst those in near by Le Portel had their hair contained in a bonnet with a small brim. Breton headdresses also differed according to areas, and each region had a traditional way of dress that was quite different from its neighbours. Provincial costumes started to disappear at the turn of the next century.

Susan asks…

Where can I buy ‘Cat in the Hat’ accesories?

I definitely need a hat and maybe a bow tie. as cheap as possible! and i need it by next tuesday!! anyone know any sites or shops i can get one from? i live in leeds so shops preferably near there and only uk sites. thank you! 🙂

admin answers:

Fancy dress shops are your best bet for hats – but lots of mens’ departments in high street shops like H&M have many different coloured bow ties. You could use Google Shopping to link you through to a good fancy dress retail site (though BEWARE: Always look up any site you’re buying from! Many higher-end cosplay/costume shops are actually scammers! DX)

Lisa asks…

University’s In England if i want to become a teacher?

I am soon to be graduating and I have been looking at different universities that I can study at.
I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I would love to study at a school in England to become an high school teacher majoring in English and minoring in music.

Does anyone know of a few Universities in England that can help me become an High school English teacher?

admin answers:

There are many universities here in the UK where you can study English! I think all universities allow you to study English with it being the language spoken here. The only places I can think of where you wouldn’t be able to would be the special drama, dance, music, art etc. Schools and conservatoires where they only teach degrees in dance/acting/directing/lighting/costume making/music etc. So I guess it all depends where you fancy going.

The top places would be Oxford and Cambridge which are amongst the top in the world. Then there’s your traditional universities – the ‘University of ___’ sort of places. These offer more traditional degrees. Then there’s the more modern universities which offer more creative degrees in the arts, for example which are not called ‘University of ___’ but something more modern eg. Sheffield Hallem University.

You could study somewhere like Hull, where you’re by the sea, or in Sheffield, an old steel manufacturing city, where you’ll be in the city near all the pubs, clubs, shops and restaurants as well as close to some lovely countryside. Those are both in Yorkshire and Humberside by the way, I live near Sheffield. As I’ve never looked into universities here I don’t know much but I’d recommend you have a look at some websites, possibly visit some open days if you can just to see if you can see yourself studying there. There’s some in the city and some out in the country so just see what you prefer. If your stuck on ideas, here’s a list of some places to look into to see local universities: Hull, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Kent, Bradford, Cambridge, Oxford, Dover, York, Manchester, Newcastle, London.

Also, to become a teacher, after your degree you’ll need to spend a year working at a school to get your Qualified Teacher Status (QTA) so that you can teach in the UK.

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